Monday, March 9, 2009

Feeling a bit tried today.

I pray my wife is up and going again soon. I know one thing I have a renewed appreciation for all that she does. She has been not feeling up to par the last week or so and I've been trying my best to help her out, and it has been an eye opener. I woke up this past Saturday feeling like I had all the energy and the motivation to keep things up and going. Making her breakfast and getting Eliyah up and ready, but it didn't take long to realize that it was going to be a day. We had a lot of fun, but it seemed I just got the dishes done and there were more, and he got his toys out and strung all over the floor, and we straightened them up only to have them strung out again 5 minutes later. He is a blessing but I have a few rough edges to work off. It is sure different spending a couple hours a night after work before he goes to bed playing compared to having to do the cooking and cleaning and taking care of him. We have been trying to potty train him and every time I turned around he was soaking wet so that made things interesting. I just need to have fun and relax I guess and take things in stride. I do enjoy it but It is trying at times and I appreciate my wife for all that she is and does, and I hope she feels better soon. Not just for me but we are planning on going to California at the end of the week if all things work out. I will explain more later. But I better try to get a good night sleep. May God bless you all.