Friday, March 6, 2009

Greetings to the Blogging world

My name is Chad and this is my first time at blogging. My wife is a great help meet for me as to figuring all this computer stuff out. I am not really sure of all that one would write about in casual blogging but I am well persuaded that as I gain acquaintance with how it works this blog will develope into a unique page. I pray that it will be of some interest to you as a reader. I am interested in learning about all forms of construction work, and about farming i.e machinery and livestock. It is a dream of ours to one day acquire a small farmstead and have a good sized garden that bridges into the category of a field, and some farm animals including chickens, sheep, cows, goats, and whatever else the Lord lays in our way. I am currently 31 and hope to see this to be something I can pass down to my son. It seems that there is a danger of alot of information to be lost in a generation that is removed from the living off the land mentality.

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